Welcome to the International Metahuman Foundation.

The International Metahuman Foundation (IMF) is an extra-national organization publicly dedicated to protecting humanity from super-powered and other extraordinary threats. In reality, the IMF often seems more concerned with providing supers with good PR to shield them from human prejudice and persecution. From your inside view, the IMF’s goals and methods don’t always appear pure, but the world does need saving sometimes.

Superheroic powers and comic-book costumes with realistic human motivations, political conflicts, and social friction between supers and normal society.

Primary inspiration from Union Dues and Secret World Chronicle. Some influence from X-Files/Men in Black.

More info on the wiki.

Game System: GURPS 4th edition – using Basic Set, Powers, Supers, Psionic Powers, and gear from High Tech and potentially some Ultra-Tech. (Tech Level 8 with a few gadgets and mad science inventions from Tech Level 9)
Setting: Based in modern-day Chicago, with potentially world spanning adventures.
Realism: Cinematic, four-color comic book action, with realistic, gritty consequences.
Combat Frequency: A fight every one to two game sessions. Some fights will be unavoidable.
Power Level: 800-point starting player characters. X-Men or Fantastic Four type powers, not Hulk, Superman, Green Lantern world-shakers.

We play one Thursday a month a Ravenblood Games.

Four-Color Blues