Four-Color Blues

The story so far...

The Chicago IMF super-team was called when a young boy started manifesting super powers on the Navy Pier in Chicago. They arrived to find the boy had already injured his mother and a security guard with some kind of energy blasts. The team managed to contain the situation and get the boy calmed down. When Ghost Jaguar took the boy into the food court to keep him isolated from the crowd, he was shot with a drugged dart, and the boy was taken by a teleporting meta.

The team tracked the child. They discovered that the parents had planned a trip to Switzerland, a country that has not signed the Metahuman Accord, where the IMF has no jurisdiction. The parents were planning to flee with the boy, before his powers were discovered.

The boy was found in a warehouse outside of town, being guarded by a man and a woman both armed. The team assaulted the warehouse, which was guarded by a man and a woman, both armed. As the team was attempting to secure the child, the teleporter appeared and tried to take the boy. The team managed to keep the child and capture the armed guards, but the teleporter escaped.

As the prisoners were being transported, the woman was ranting about saving the boy from the IMF, she talked about the “Underground Railroad,” an organization dedicated to helping rogue metahumans escape from IMF control.


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