International Metahuman Foundation

The stated goal of the IMF is to channel the powers of metahumans into activities that promote the common good. In reality it exists as much to protect metahumans from society as to protect society from metahumans.

The IMF maintains Towers in or near 25 large cities around the world. They are dormitories and bases of operations for IMF metahumans. About 14 to 15 metahumans reside in each Tower, including 3 to 5 superhumans assigned to each, no more than one paragon in any Tower, with a number of towers having no paragon. Towers also have normal human support staff, guards and agents totaling about 40. IMF is headquartered in the New York Tower. The staff in the New York Tower is considerably larger.

Much of the funding of the IMF is through comics, movies and licensing of supers’ costumed personas. They work to maintain good PR at all times, and many of the most popular supers spend more time on promotional activities than actual missions.. Although the characters in the comics are all based on actual IMF supers, the comics generally do not depict actual events, and details of the supers abilities are altered for security reasons.

IMF rules/conditioning

  • Never reveal your true identity
  • Never use powers when out of costume
  • You will be subjected to regular and random psychological evaluations, by telepathic agents, using mind probe.
  • You are conditioned to give, pre-determined, “canned” responses in specific situations, to protect the image of the IMF.
  • You are subject to reconditioning at any time.

IMF Towers

TOKYO, Japan
JAKARTA, Indonesia
New York (NY), United States
SEOUL, South Korea
MANILA, Philippines
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Delhi, India
Osaka, Japan
CAIRO, Egypt
Kolkata (Calcutta), India
Los Angeles (CA), United States
Shanghai, China
MOSCOW, Russia
Guangzhou, China
Shenzhen, China
Istanbul, Turkey
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
PARIS, France
Karachi, Pakistan
Nagoya, Japan
Chicago (IL), United States

International Metahuman Foundation

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